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5 Dec 2019
The best mixture of steroids 

One of my competitors has been preparing for some time with loads. He is considering the use of steroids (do not treat them). He stated that he had never used legitimate advice and would not do so. At the age of 20, he was third in a weightlifter. He thought a little and learned. Here is his arrangement: he currently weighs 210. He is 6'2 "and is most likely a mesomorph, he can walk 5 km and get used to his well-being, he drinks a little but not too much and does not smoke, he walks 3 days Train the week and train with loads two days a week. He realizes he can develop his muscles and reduce his median section from 36 inches to 33. He takes 20 mg of Anavar a day with 240 mg Andriol a day during a short cycle of about 14 weeks Too many less talented people become bigger and more entrenched as soon as they start using drugs, and he assumes there is little potential for Androil and Anavar gives.


1.     He asks: is it valid?

      Do these drugs work well together?

      What can I recommend?

Buy Deca Durabolin alternative

I am not a supporter of steroids and work very hard with competitors who hope to have no problem. They are strong people who complain about some of the decisions they made. They all started with a "short-cycle" that had a "minimal potential for symptoms". The real trap with steroids is mental, but in any case undeniable. Part of the steroid system involves the prevention of the cortisol receptor. Cortisol is a hormone that separates muscle tissue. By squaring the receptor, cortisol can not work, so it is a reduction in muscle breakdown and a reduced net muscle. The test shows that the yield of cortisol is increased because the endocrine scaffold is desperate to produce adequate cortisol and cortisol neglects its effects. When the sites are clogged, the body begins to form new cortisol receptors, which are further blocked by drugs. When the "cycle" is over, the objectives open and there are a big muscle crash and quality. Disappointment often leads to a follow-up cycle and, since there are more cortisol receptors, the follow-up cycle is never as positive as the first one.


The supplements you will normally produce will undeniably become stronger and easier to maintain. If you have returned to normal, three days of kickboxing and two days of weightlifting training per week, your body has reached a level corresponding to the fact that it is adapted to the thrust of the exercise. With the least chance, you need to develop your muscles, change your daily routine, train more regularly with weight and do a nourishing exercise that will gradually heat the dinners.


I highly recommend you to neglect the medication. I hope you will continue to be regular. As you may have speculated at this point, this is a 100% enemy of the article on steroids.




I agree that helping people find a way to lose belly fat can boost their self-confidence, restore their self-esteem, value, and motivation while improving their satisfaction.


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