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1 Aug 2019

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All we do is limited by the mind. Whether intentional or intuitive, he is responsible for all the capabilities of our body. So when we find that our stomachs tell us it's a great opportunity to eat, it's our brain that sends us the message - and it's also our responsibility to tell us when to stop.


For those of us who are overweight, seeing how the mind works and its association with our hunger and the amount we eat can provide us with different approaches to "slow down" our brains and help us do that. help to eat less. 

In this way, you can try 5 things to control your hunger and reduce the amount of food you eat. They can do any of these without much effort, and they could greatly affect your weight loss.


Have A Starter

By the time most of us dine at home, we usually only have one class. When we eat at the restaurant, we tend to be a little perfidious regularly because we cannot order an appetizer, as is the case for our main meal - especially when we pay close attention to our weight. In any case, an aperitif before dinner can be an incredible way to help you eat less.


The stomach may take a little while to send the message to your brain that you are becoming full. So, if you only eat one class, likely, this message will only be displayed once the class is over - even if you probably did not have to eat it last time to feel full.


Eat a reasonable appetizer 10 to 20 minutes before the start of your basic dinner. Thus, the brain receives the message that you are tired of eating your main meal and asks you to stop before eating more than necessary. Appetizers that contain a lot of air, water and fiber are preferable, and an apple or a light plate of mixed vegetables before dinner is an incredible way to satisfy your desire less.


Eat More Tomatoes

Whether you're a big fan or not, if you're trying to stay in shape, adding more tomatoes to your diet can be an incredible way to eat less. An ongoing report showed that among the participants, those who ate tomatoes announced a stronger propensity and more and more fulfilling.


This is probably due to the impact of tomato mixtures at our request. Our stomach wakes up and increases our hunger by releasing a hormone called ghrelin.


It is an idea that lycopene in tomatoes, which is responsible for making them red, reduces the level of ghrelin and consequently our hunger. This implies that we feel full when we have consumed less food than usual - and that we should simply add more tomatoes to our diet.


Turn The Meal Schedule Blue

Researchers have known for some time what effects hues of color can have on our minds. The shades of red can make us vibrant, the yellow makes us happy and the green can have a calming effect. Anyway, if you do not try to eat less, you should start dinner for dinner and turn blue, because the researchers found that blue was a real way to suppress cravings in a considerable number of nuances.


This may be because there are not many natural blue nutrients, so our appetite is not always enhanced by this shading. or perhaps because our precursors have evolved to avoid harmful substances whose color was regularly blue.


Whatever the reason, the bluer your food is, the more you'll want to eat it. This is not recommended, you should wear it to the extraordinary and color your blue guard (although you can probably do it and it would basically taste equivalent now), but have simple scores like eating in a blue plate The blue light in the kitchen or the freezer can lessen your hunger and the amount of food you eat.


Reduce The Size of Your Plate

Very few of us deliberately choose their ceramics because of their size, and for those who do, bigger things may seem better - but not when you try to get in shape. We will generally judge the size of objects by comparing them with various nearby objects, as well as the size of our plates and portions of their maintenance. A small segment on a giant plate will usually seem foreign to us, and studies have shown that you have to consume more food if you use a larger plate.


Do not forget that many of us were informed about children and that we were not allowed to leave the table before cleaning our plates. If things are as they are, with huge pieces on large plates and a brain-shaped to leave nothing, does anyone wonder if many of us are overweight? Using smaller plates for your dinner is an exceptional way to reduce the size of the rooms. You can even improve your brain by leaving some of the food on the plate. So, you start eating until you are full, rather than until everything is gone.


Slow Down!

When we think about how our body sends messages to and from the brain, we usually imagine that this happens exceptionally quickly - your mind advises your hand to move or your mouth to smile, and this is happening produced a moment later. In any case, the correspondence between the mind and the stomach will be much slower - and if you understand it, you can help lose weight.


Researchers estimate that it takes about 20 minutes for the stomach to say that it is full and that we can stop eating and that for many of us it does not last longer than necessary. Then the mind only gets the message when we have finished the process of eating.


Eating a lot more gradually gives the brain more opportunities to make people understand that we are full. Bite more on your food, put aside the blade and fork after each important piece and enjoy a short break on the way. It takes a cognitive effort, but it can help you lose weight, and it's a motivation similar to the one that justified the previous advice to have an aperitif before the feast.


The key to losing weight is to eat fewer calories than you consume all day. The easiest way to consume fewer calories is to consume less food. For someone who wants to lose a few pounds, it is often quite difficult and it can be very difficult to feel fulfilled now if we eat too little that we are used to.


Fortunately, our understanding of the connection between the mind, our hunger and the quantity we eat mean that, with these little practical tips, almost everyone should be able to reduce their cravings and eat less. They are not hard to do and something you can start right now.


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