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19 Jul 2019

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In this article, I would like to address a problem increasingly close to home that many people quickly do not give in ... but is a ubiquitous element of eternal brain research to those who struggle with their weight. I call it "troubling dislike summer", and that's the way of most of the joy of avoiding all other people's experiences during the warmer months since you show your body humbled.


You can make inactive, energetic, but probably not admit that you avoid the pool party because of the expectations of the swimsuit ... or you miss the grill because you will not prefer to be found in a tank top. Anyway, no matter what you explain ... everyone knows why you do not come. I was there, I know it hurts ... and it does NOT have to be that way! Search.


Documented under: Life is short


Years ago, I had an individual revelation, and I understood how much the joy of life that I jumped was since my body was terrible. Or at least on the contrary ... I perceived that my body was terrible. (Even though I'm almost sure ... :-) Only after the sudden loss of a dear companion did I realize how true the value was. Moreover, it is at this moment and in the coming days that I methodically changed all the trends that kept me and protected me from an interest in the pleasures and experiences that life announced. I stopped smoking - no weaning phase. I've set myself unprecedented FIRM goals for my life. Also, I focused on a diet routine that changed my body from embarrassment to a state of glory and a spectacular sense of wellbeing that I did not say so!


Also, you can do the same - you need it. Just do not wait until an emergency occurs, as I did to transform it!


I feel good No chubby belly anymore.


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