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16 Jul 2019

Overweight is a disease that affects 

everyone, at any age. 65% of American adults would be overweight. This number is increasing year by year. Even children become obese because of a lack of discipline in monitoring their diet.


In simple terms, being overweight means being overweight or having an excessive amount of body fat. Obesity can be measured by body mass index (BMI) or height/weight ratio. If your BMI is greater than 25, you are considered obese. A more serious form of obesity, morbid obesity, is characterized by more than 100 pounds. overweight or with a BMI greater than 40


If left untreated, obesity can lead to serious health complications, such as movement disorders, high blood pressure, heart complications, and diabetes. Obesity is known to be a major factor in the development of type 2 diabetes. Up to 90% of people with diabetes are overweight.

Find the cure

Because of these threats, Americans are constantly looking for ways to curb weight gain. An estimated $ 56 billion is spent each year on weight loss methods and products. Unfortunately, $ 6 billion will be spent on fraudulent and ineffective weight loss products.

Weight loss products

There are many weight loss products on the market today. Pills and weight loss patches can be found in local grocery stores and websites and claim to provide the fastest and simplest way to lose weight. However, scientists warned that most of these products have not been rigorously tested, unlike other over-the-counter medications. As a result, the long-term effects and safety of these products are unknown.

Weight loss patches

One of the weight loss products sold today is the Dermaloss weight loss patch. The Dermaloss weight loss patch is applied to the skin as a patch. It should work by eliminating hunger and stimulating metabolism. When applied to the skin, the Dermaloss weight loss patch can be worn discreetly for up to 24 hours. Unlike weight loss pills, the Dermaloss weight loss patch does not have to go through the digestive system, resulting in a faster effect.


The Dermaloss weight loss patch is made from natural ingredients. Its main content is Fucus Vesiculosus, natural kelp that stimulates the thyroid. The other ingredients in the Dermaloss weight loss patch are:


Garcinia cambogia - an ingredient in the fruits of South India and China. It is said that this chemical acts as an appetite suppressant


o Guarana - to boost metabolism and improve overall digestion

How it works

The weight loss patch from Dermaloss injects chemicals through the skin into the body. Because it does not cross the digestive system, the chemicals essential for weight loss are not eliminated. This weight loss patch costs $ 24.

Other shapes

The weight loss patch Dermaloss also has other forms, including a patch containing Hoodia Gordonii, an active ingredient found in African plants. Hoodia should be used primarily as an appetite suppressant.

Does it work?

Despite their claims to contribute to weight loss, there is no scientific basis to support them. Science has not adequately studied the effectiveness of weight loss patches, their long-term effects, and their potential complications. Therefore, special care should be taken when buying patches to lose weight. Do not be fooled by references from potential customers.

On weight loss

There is no silver bullet for losing weight. Weight loss products and programs that are known to be the simplest and fastest weight loss agent are most likely fraudulent or ineffective. Otherwise, the effects may be temporary. And if you stop using them, you will be able to recover even more than what you have lost.


When it comes to weight loss, the best solution is to eat less and exercise more. Losing weight takes time, effort and stamina. Persistence and discipline are also essential. Before taking any weight loss pills or registering for a weight loss program, you should always consult an expert for advice. Also, do extensive research on a product or program to find out everything you can know about it.


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